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I once read a quote that resonated within me: ”Prayer is the work of God.” Empowering and equipping the Church to be the army of pray-ers that God has called us to be is an integral part of all that Karen and myself do… over the past 20+ years and counting.

Paul Brady

Prayer Coach is

a private community of like-minded believers — people who are hungry to grow in their relationship with God, desirous to work more consistently with Him in prayer, and ready to live, more than ever before, in their Kingdom authority to see Heaven’s purposes outworked on earth!


Prayer is a Lifestyle

  • Experience the adventure of Spirit-led prayer.
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of prayer.
  • Know what it means to pray from your seat of authority.
  • Become more sensitive to the wooing of the Holy Spirit.
  • Receive the wisdom to walk out the plan of God.
  • Develop in praying the Word.
  • Understand the ebbs and flows of Spirit-led prayer
  • See the fruit of working with the Father.
  • Receive divine instructions and strategies for your life.



How it works

Access Prayer Coach has a $14.99 monthly subscription fee for membership. Once you have completed the sign-up form, you will receive a welcome email, followed by an invitation email to join Prayer Coach with Paul Brady on Facebook.




Full access

Prayer Coach (PC) is a private, invitation-only group. Once you have joined, you will have full access to all upcoming sessions and all previous content since the launch of PC — a wealth of resources at your fingertips



Live sessions with Paul Brady and a team of experienced, Spirit-led prayer leader include practical prayer times, as well as sessions of teaching, coaching, and impartation.

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